By using interchangeable covers and fronts, the appearance of the Parka can easily be adjusted. As a result, the cabinet can be part of the user's interior for a lifetime. Always a cabinet that meets the wishes of the user and is in line with the latest trends. The Parka is also easily expandable by applying multiple layers. The base material is Greengridz. A circular furniture construction panel. The structure of the lightweight construction consists of a patented GRID system. By omitting 60% material in the GRID construction, a 60% lower footprint can be counted on. Ultimately, it results in a weight saving of 50%. 42 kg less material is used for the production of the Parka cabinet.

Furniture that excels in beauty and has zero impact on the environment. Sustainability in our interiors is not dull and boring, but hip and trendy.

At Zianetti we have made conscious choices about the use of materials. We only go for the best. Do you want to know what choices we have made?
  • Modular
  • Acoustic
  • Completely circular
  • Interchangeable during use
  • Take back system
  • Solution for life
  • LCA and EPD available
  • Saving 50% raw materials
  • 50% less weight